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A co-op of Quality Bengal Breeders


To provide Bengal Breed information to the public and referrals to Breeders who consistently produce healthy, well socialized and exotically beautiful kittens. 
 - We really care about the kittens we bring into this world.  This means that we take the very best care of our current cats in residence and do all in our power to choose breeding partners carefully.  We then make sure we will have time to work with each and every kitten we produce.  This will insure that they grow up to be the very best ambassador of the breed they can be.
As a group, we commit to maintain our catteries and our cats at the optimum of condition.  For this reason, we regularly check for a number of health related conditions.

This groups screens or treats breeding cats as needed for:

  • HCM - Heart related problems

  • TF - Tri-Trichamonus Foetus (intestinal parasites)

  • Giardia and Coccidia (intestinal parasites)

Among our pages, you will find many beautiful, healthy and happy kittens.  You will not find the cheapest kittens available on the internet.  Health checks, proper nutrition, adequate space and lots of love, take time, effort and money.  To commit to our kittens fully, you will not see tons of kittens available.  What you will see, is a healthy beautiful kitten meant just for you that will fill your life with love. 

Please feel free to look around.  When you are ready for your first addition, browse our Bengal Kitten pages or our Bengal Retirees page. 



Bengal Breeder | Asian Leopard Cat


TIBCS - Bengal Parent Club.  We register our Bengal kittens with this organization.

TIBBA - International Bengal Breeders Association TICA - The International Cat Association


Bengal Breeder - Leopard

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